A new Chromebook for just $30 ?


A new Chromebook for just $30In today’s society, we are more and more on the go and depend on our technology to keep us informed and to be there for us when we need to stay connected, but it can be difficult for those on a budget to take advantage of technology such as apps and online storage, such as cloud computing. If you’re one of those people, then there’s some good news for you—you can now rent a new Chromebook for as low as thirty dollars a month!

Imagine having a brand-new laptop that is slim, light, easy to carry, and has hundreds of apps that you can use every day to stay connected for both work and play. These new notebook computers also have built-in virus protection so that you never have to worry about malware or virus threats as you’re working, and with cloud technology, all of your work is instantly updated and stored to a hard drive online, where you can access and share it whenever you need to.

Renting a Chromebook is a great solution for anyone who wants the convenience and security that these laptops offer without the worry of how to pay for them.

They are a great answer for students who only need a computer for school because they can constantly have back up files for all of their work, and they can stay connected to all of their friends and their study groups by using all of the social apps that come built in with the unit. Once school is over, they can simply return the notebook and not have to worry about future payments or paying interest to a high-end department or electronic store that promises low payments on their credit card bills but then slam you with hidden fees.

Another advantage of renting a Chromebook is the built-in virus protection that it offers. When you buy a laptop, it rarely comes with any kind of malware protection that can slow down and damage your laptop. When you rent this notebook computer, it comes with the protection already installed so you can surf the Web with confidence and never have to worry about picking up any kind of virus.

Why pay hundreds of dollars for a new laptop and then have to pay for the virus protection as well when you can rent a Chromebook for thirty dollars a month and have that protection already in place? If you’re looking for value, virus protection, and apps that will keep you constantly connected, then renting one of these amazing laptops is the answer.


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