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If you want to learn about Chrome applications, this is the place to come. We try to review, to preview, to bring you news from the world of the Chrome Web Store. We will continue to expand our reach and bring you more news and info on the subject, from entertainment to productivity, lifestyle, education, and everything in between. We will also pit apps one against the other so that you’ll know which ones are the better ones. Also, we will try to consider the Apps not only critically, but also in terms of ease of use, so you’ll know which one is the best for you, from all points of view

How to play music on a Chromebook

Your Chromebook device comes with a couple of applications preinstalled, which can be used to listen to music, among which Google Play and Music Manager. Google Play is a service rather than a standalone application, and this means that the…

How can I use Skype on my Chromebook?

The soon to arrive HTML5 implementation will make the use of Skype for Chromebook OS possible, natively, and also fully featured. However, for the time being the application doesn’t support the OS. But, there’s no reason to despair, there…

Top 5 Productivity Tools For Chromebook

Last December of 2010, Google launched a pilot program along with notebook units which they called “Cr-48? – a prototype of the Chrome OS-based notebook. That prototype is now called and released as Chromebook which according to Google is:…