Is Google Chromebook right for you? Do the test…


Google just announced its upcoming Chromebook, a web in a computer-like object. In essence, these are laptops specially designed to be used to go on the Internet.

Now the question is. Is Google Chromebook right for you? Well… to answer this question, just ask yourself this: What else do you use your computer for?

Google Chromebook is an all arounder device, it’s not mainly targeted for those users who are fond of social networking or who are always online, it’s also being marketed to business users and of course, gamers.

If you personally need a full-sized computer because you do web and Android app programming and most of yout work is done inside my web browser, then this is your best bet. Especially to those bloggers out there who don’t use Microsoft Office to write articles; for most of them use Google Docs, because it’s simpler to use and it’s on the Internet.

Performance wise the Chromebooks are great. Aside from the reliable OS – CHROME OS, according to Google, its boot up time is just eight seconds. Plus, unlike a regular Windows PC, a Chromebook doesn’t get slower as time goes on. Meaning even a two-year-old Google Chromebook will basically run the same as the day it was new.

Unlike Windows based PCs, this doesn’t slow down over time. In fact, Google already tested the device that some people have been using for awhile now.

I guess Chromebooks are fast enough, and get online fast; what else do they do? Is Google Chromebook right for you?

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