Samsung Chromebook


Samsung Chromebook

Here’s another Chromebook model that’s already available in the market. Unlike the Cr-48, a barebones notebook that Google sent to developers who signed up for a pilot program late last year, this Samsung Chromebook is much better as it is said to be much faster and comes with a better trackpad. It has a 12.1 inch display, a dual core Intel Atom processor, all-day battery usage, 8 second boot time, wifi or 3G option, and is available in 2 color options. This Samsung Chromebook will be available over at and Best Buy on June 15.

Samsung Series 5 Chromebook

The Samsung Series 5 Chromebook is faster than the Cr-48 even though they have almost the same specs except that the Samsung Chromebook has a dual-core Intel Atom chip as opposed to the single-core one that the Cr-48 has. It is flash capable too, and it works smoothly even in HD on sites like YouTube and Hulu. It has a better trackpad too, though the glass MacBook trackpad is better, its trackpad tracks  where you finger is moving in realtime. Compared to Macs or PCs, this  Samsung Chromebook loads faster, as Google is claiming an 8-second boot time.

Samsung Series 5 Chromebook Design

This Series 5, Samsung Chromebook looks great! Though a lot are saying that its form-factor is not that good for it feels plastic-y and most of its ports, joints look cheap and tacked-on. It is heavy too compared to Macbook air at 3.25 lbs. Well at least its much cheaper than the Macbook Air for this Samsung Chromebook  only costs $429 for with Wifi only version, and $499 for the WiFi/3G version. It’s even cheaper than the Acer Chromebook. For me, this Samsung Chromebook is good enough to replace your desktops. It’s user-friendly, cheaper, feature packed and pretty much can perform everything that your desktops can do. I wonder what Microsoft has in mind?

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