The Cloud Security Issue & Chromebooks


Are Chromebooks really safe and secured? With no anti-virus, cybersecurity software, or what not in place to thwart malware threats, how secure are Chromebooks anyway?

We all know, that all of our data and applications will reside in the cloud if we use Chromebook. DOes this mean that we will rely on Google servers, to protect us from threats?

Google has promised and assured us that we won’t lose our data even if we lose our Chromebook: we merely have to use another Chromebook and “wholla”, our data is right where we left it.

Yes sure, this is great for those who use online backup services or software on demand, who have developed confidence in cloud-based applications. But what if you don’t trust cloud security. Especially to those who’ve witnessed big cloud players like Amazon suffer severe outages and are worried about security issues similar in scope to the attack on Sony’s PSN.

The question here is, “Will security continue to be a problem in the side of Chromebooks and hampers widespread adoption?”

For businesses, administering security updates is no longer necessary for the Chrome OS will deliver security seamlessly and silently. Meaning, IT departments will never have to worry about security patches. Well.. but then again, this leads to lots of loopholes like, What if a Google update fails and screws up a company’s computer network? Who are we going to blame? Who’s job is on the line for the loss of time, money and reputation? I guess this needs to be addressed first, to make IT administrators confident in using this technology or so it would seem.

According to Google, they have implemented multiple layers of protection to offset malware penetration. In fact, Google is proud of its Verified Boot system, which scans your computer to detect any threats and more importantly repairs it on the spot!

The cloud security issue will be continuously be debated as time goes by. And yes, outages will occur, security breaches will happen, and we will learn from it, as we continuously improve and make appropriate adjustments to our SLAs with our providers. But this doesn’t mean, that we shouldn’t enjoy our computing experience to the fullest and participate in the amazing technology like these Chromebooks!

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