Three UK To Offer Chromebooks With 3G Connection


Last week, Google has launched its new range of Chromebooks -the Samsung Chromebook Series 5 and  Acer Chromebook. Chromebook is like an optimized PC. It comes with a powerful Chrome OS, that is built and optimized for the web, where you already spend most of your computing time. It’s much faster compared to ordinary computers, thanks to its dual core processor. It boots in about 8 seconds, and resumes almost instantaneously. What’s best about this is that you don’t have to worry when it breaks, or you get a virus or it is stolen by someone. All your data is safe and in tact as it is saved on the web.

Major internet carriers seem to be interested with this new device like the verizon which is said to be providing the Stateside 3G connectivity and the Three UK who have now published a post on their website announcing that they will be offering the new Chromebooks with 3G connectivity to their subscribers. They said that all Chromebook users will receive a free SIM card, providing up to 3GB of 3G coverage for the first three months, and after that they can  choose a new Chromebook package starting from a pay-as-you-go 500MB day pack £3 up to a 7GB package for £25 a month. Look like a great deal to me!

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