What Chromebooks Are Capable Of


Chromebooks will start to ship tomorrow, and its best that you’ve done your research about this highly anticipated device before purchasing it. Well, it’s great that you stumbled upon this site for here you’ll learn a lot of things about Chromebooks.

Google has done a great job with these Chromebooks, as they are very portable. It runs the ever famous nothing-but-the-web Chrome OS, and are already available for purchase and shipping out on pre-orders tomorrow.

But the question is, What Chromebooks are capable of?  Is it worth buying? Or should we let the early adopters discover its flaws?

Many are saying that these are laptops work like a browser. Yes, probably but mind you guys, this Chromebooks can work offline. What’s more is that it is too fast, and it takes just 8 seconds or less to boot up.

Can Chromebooks Work Offline?

Yes Of course, in fact, there are already hundres of Applications Offline already. Just so you know, Chromebooks have offline support for Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs. Aside from these apps, there’s also NY Times, HuffingtonPost, Sports Illustrated, and of course the newly announced Angry Birds. This just goes to show, that Chromebooks work like a regular laptop.

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