Chromebooks Can Work Offline


Chromebooks look promising and is indeed the talk of the town these days. However, their reliance on being connected to the web at all times may have some folks more hesitant to adopt. But Google decided to clear things out at Google I/O keynote, by saying that Google Chromebooks can still work offline.

The major applications that will certainly have Chromebook’s offline support are Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs. In fact, many have tested these apps using their Chromebooks and are currrently using these features offline. This functionality will be in the Samsung and Acer Chromebooks that are to be released this summer (in the wake of Google Gears’ death). Now many new apps in Chrome’s app store will work offline. With this, you can get work done if you can’t get a connection. Everything will sync again the next time you log on. Cool huh?

There are hundreds of apps for Chrome that can work offline. To name a few, these include the NY Times, HuffingtonPost, Sports Illustrated, and of course the newly announced Angry Birds game. For more apps and for other information, head over to Chrome Webstore!

The new Chromebooks will be available this June, while offline access for Gmail, Calendar, and Docs will roll out “this summer”.

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