Google Chromebook Pixel Specs


The news about Chromebook Pixel (a chromebook that was designed from the ground up by Google) is out. In a brilliant marketing move, a marketing video about the Chromebook Pixel was leaked (or was it really stolen and made public by Hackers?) in order to create buzz. Google has not released an official statement yet and there are even indications that this whole Chromebook Pixel is a hoax (EDIT: it’s real and available for purchase now from the Google Play Devices Shop).

Check out the video here:

Chromebook Pixel Specs

Google Chromebook Pixel

This is the first Chromebook we’ve seen from Google in a long time (remember CR-48?). It boasts a much higher resolution touch screen and what appears to be an aluminum body. It would be interested to know more about the battery life.


The Pixel is expected to have a resolution of 2560 x 1700 pixels.


The Pixel has 2 USB ports, one headphone jack, one microphone port and an unidentified port on the left side. On its right side it has an SD card slot.

CPU and memory

At this point the details on Chromebook Pixel CPU and memory are unknown.

More and more companies are launching their own version of the Chromebook. New Chromebooks are being announced by Lenovo, HP and most recently Google. Things are looking up for Chromebook in 2013.

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    Hi , it look nice , and i will try my best to try it , but where can i get it in the middle east ?
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