Top applications available for the Chromebook Series 5


Looking for top applications for Chromebook, you’ll love today’s post. The Chromebook Series 5 sports a closed operating system, Chrome OS, similar to Apple’s OS in that it can only run proprietary applications or applications that have been previously approved by Google.

Chrome Apps store
Chrome Apps store

However, what sets Google’s OS apart is the fact that it is in many ways just an extended browser. Almost all operations are handled online, after you have logged in your Chrome account.

Just like Apple, Android and more recently Microsoft with their Win 8 platform, if you want to install an application you’re going to have to visit the Chrome web store, for most intents and purposes the only place where you can acquire new apps. We’ll take a look at a few of the most useful and also popular applications, some intended for productivity, others for entertainment and a few that should not miss from anyone’s Chromebook. Let’s kick it with the applications meant for the working man:

Productivity Applications:

Box – This is an essential application that will allow you to download, upload and sync any data you’re using or producing to the cloud. You used to get 5 GB of storage for free, but now that amount has been increased to 10 GB. Also, regarding data management, a recent development allows you to drag and drop any files and, similarly, drag and drop them from the cloud to your local machine. Also, you can organize your space with folders as you see fit and can manage the files to be available for multiple accounts, allowing easy sharing with your co-workers, etc.

Google Writer – This is a very scaled down typewriter like app, that is geared towards those that want a distraction-free platform for creative writing. No formatting options are available, so this is not for everyone, but intended for those that want to keep distractions at a minimum.

Google Drive – Rather than an app, this is more of a platform, including all Google Docs applicationsand an environment where you can collaborate, share, co-author, manage your data. The best thing is that Drive saves no files locally, which means that you can access your Drive data from any PC, Mac or other devices that can connect to the internet. Think of it as a cloud office space available anytime, from any place.

Zoho calendar – a classic calendar application which saves all information online. If you still don’t want to use Google Drive – which also includes calendar applications, this standalone app does the job pretty well.

Free PDF maker. Available on the Chrome web store, with this app you can create your own PDFs and also save them online.

Entertainment application and games:

Viewster – This is an online repository and streaming application which deploys content to your machine, making for a very comfortable and likeable full movie watching experience. Due to the fact that all the included movies are free, don’t expect too many new releases. However, you won’t be bothered by commercials.

Internet TV – Another streaming application bound to Chrome, this one will allow you to watch a selection of shows that would otherwise only be available on TV. Watch day time TV shows whenever you like, download the shows that you like. The application will also suggest titles based on your previous watching experience.

TED – if you’ve been a fan of TED – ideas worth spreading, note that the platform has its own specific Chrome application. The same cool and inspirational content is now available for you on the go on your Chromebook.

Angry Birds Halloween – as if they hadn’t done enough damage already, the birds are back with a new episode on Chrome. The game features the same simple and yet enticing control scheme we’ve all grown to love – choose a bird, fire and destroy all the pig hideouts!

UNO – Uno is a strategy card game, using its own personalized stacks of cards and its own rules. It has a loyal following and it is the sort of game that solitaire was for the Windows platform. Give it a try when boredom set in.

Ultimate Flash Sonic – A flash reimagining of the SEGA game, it will require the same rapidity, twitch response and coordination. Sonic is the same cool hedgehog he has always been and he is joined by other popular characters of the franchise.

Must have applications for your Chromebook Series 5:

Spanning Stats for Google Drive – If you’ve bought or use a Chromebook netbook, to get the most out of it you will need to sign for a Google Drive account. Without it, and considering the limitation of Chrome OS, the device becomes quite frankly useless.

So, within this frame of reference – Spanning Stats for Google Drive – is an application that will present you with all the information you may need to know about your account: how often you use it, where you used it from, who has access to the account, how much space you’re using, percentages of the file types you’re hosting and so on. It’s a must as it allows you to get a firmer grip on your usage and also may help you to detect any suspicious activity, thus preventing data theft or loss of data.

Google Search App – It goes without saying that a lot of activity on your Google Chromebook will consist of browsing. But, even if Google’s search engine is the best one, with this application you will get more in terms of choosing parameters for your searches and customizing the results you find. This app is a friendlier, ready to install, advanced Google search application which shouldn’t miss from no Google Chromebook device.


  1. Marius Banuta says

    What is Google Box ? Do you have a link where I can find it ? Thanks .

    1. Andrew Baker says

      We’re talking about the Box application. You can find it in the Chrome Web Store:

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