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Operating System

The Operating System page is the home of all things Chrome OS: Updates, new features, device compatibility and even how to articles, allowing you to gain insight and become more versed in using the Chrome OS. We will also try to keep you informed in regards to threats that have been announced for Chrome, try to peek at future developments, while at the same time trying to find out what Google is planning next for our favorite OS. Thus, this is the home of the operating system, from the smallest of details to overarching overviews. So visit this section often if you’re looking to improve your OS know-how or simply to learn why Chrome OS is fast becoming one of the best OS environments, both for local but mostly for cloud computing.

Is Chromebook Ready For Business?

We already know what Chromebooks are capable of, and it looks like it is intended for casual users or consumers. There are lots of questions that are being raised about this device and one of which is “Is it ready for business use? We have…

Chromebooks Can Work Offline

Chromebooks look promising and is indeed the talk of the town these days. However, their reliance on being connected to the web at all times may have some folks more hesitant to adopt. But Google decided to clear things out at Google I/O…