Chromebook for web developers


Chromebook is all set to make a big impact in the notebook market worldwide, but there is a simple question that chromebook manufacturers have to answer, can one do everything in the chromebook like a normal desktop or laptop?  People are really skeptic about this factor as Google will encourage users of chromebook to use only their applications and not any other.  In fact, the people who already tried chromebook say that they can do more in their iPad than doing tasks through chromebook.

There is no doubt that google has numerous applications stacked in its android market. However, most of the applications in the android market are inferior when compared to applications being used in devices like iPhone or an iPad.  So it becomes a must for chromebook to come up with applications that are far superior when compared to any other cloud application.

This is where the opportunity lies for millions of web developers throughout the world. If chromebook becomes a success, there will be a huge demand for custom made or open source applications that is compatible with the chrome operating system. However, the challenge of developing a proper application will be much tougher when compared to developing apps for an iphone or an android phone.

Google says that all the applications can be used offline too, in theory for now. The fact that google hasn’t come up with an offline app for its famous web apps namely Gmail and Google Docs shows that it is not an easy thing to develop offline applications that are compatible with the chrome OS. It is better for chromebook to actually sort out the app problem and make high quality apps before launching the chromebooks .

Web developers wonder why cant google go ahead and incorporate applications that is present for the today’s desktops and notebooks, instead of spending millions to develop its own version. There is no doubt that chromebooks success completely depends on the success of its web applications, however, web developers are not really keen to develop apps for chrome OS as of now.

The trend may change if chromebook proves to be a game changer in the notebook sector , if it can convince people, then there is no doubt that chromebook apps developers will be in huge demand in the near future.

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