How Chromebooks could change our education system


Computers without a doubt are playing a big role in revolutionizing education, especially in the developing and under developed countries where having a laptop or desktop is still a luxury.

So, what change will chromebook bring to the worlds education system? The answer cannot be given in a line or two for sure. Reason is that there are many education friendly features being embedded in every chromebook.

The first is the time factor, chromebook when used by students will help them save lot of time as the student will have to wait only for few seconds if not minutes for tasks like computer start up and app updating etc.  Chromebook is designed in a way where administrators can configure and manage numerous chromebooks from a central location, which means that schools and colleges can use chromebook as an extension from their regular classrooms, where one can learn more efficiently and effectively.

The best factor though is the cost, an average chromebook is going to cost only half the price of a tablet PC in the market now, and more over, chromebooks need less maintenance than any regular notebooks. This will help the students to buy the chromebooks from their pocket money and can use the chromebook  to learn new things for much longer period , when compared to the notebooks of the present day.

Technology wise, the ability of the student to access the data stored in a chromebook from any device including their mobile phones definitely adds value to every chromebook. Students will now be able to access their syllabus they have stored or the assignments they have completed with ease, the more the accessibility, more the chance for a student to learn new things without wasting time.

Chromebooks have inbuilt protection and most of the apps that come with the chromebook are free. This means that an average student does not have to spend additional amounts to buy any Anti Virus software or other complex application while using the chromebook.

However, since most of the tasks in a chromebook can only be done while online through internet, it is necessary for the manufacturers and partners of chromebook to come up with a definite solution that will help people to be online through the chromebook, irrespective of where ever they are in the world.

Experts can already smell the change happening in the notebook market and chromebook is definitely going to be a very good tool to improve the education system overall.

  1. SACHIN says

    I agree, but its necessary to chromebook reaches to every city, village & student also..!

  2. Vinay says

    I haven’t used a note book yet, but I think that Chrome book is going to change the way people use internet and notebook PC’s, having it’s inbuilt ability to connect to Wi – Fi, and mobile broad band networks they would be the best choice for internet users.

  3. agnelmoses says

    Chromebook will be a great success in the near future.It will take our education system to the world standard level. It will enhance the students capacity.

  4. Beni says

    Chrombook can be an interesting tool to improve the educational system. Part of the education can be moved to online learning and Chromebook can be used as tool for this process.

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