Chromebook in business: 7 reasons why to buy


If you’re in the look out for aportable netbook and are trying to decide whether to stick with Windows or make the jump to Chrome OS, here is i give you “7 reasons why to buy it“.

1. Boot Time – The boot time for this stellar device is just 8 seconds, faster than any netbooks available with an average startup time of 45 seconds to over a minute.

2. The Cloud – All your files will be secured and accessible on the fly and on the cloud and that includes your programs, documents, and settings.

3. No viruses. – The Chromebook hardware combined with the Chrome OS is said to be virus free. You don’t need to actually install a third-party virus protection is needed.

4. Solid State Drive (SSD) – Both Acer and Samsung Chromebook models come with fast performing SSDs. Compared to other drives, SSD is much more resilient to damage or data loss from bumps and drops.

5. Much More Secure – This Chromebook emply layers of protection including “sandboxing” and data encryption (called “defense in depth”) to protect your privacy.

6. 2GB RAM is more than 1GB RAM – Almost all netbooks that costs under With a Chromebook, the memory comes maxed to capacity. You don’t have to upgrade or buy an additional RAM.

7. Chrome OS is not Windows 7 Starter – The OS that comes installed on almost all netbooks is Windows 7 “Starter Edition,” a version that is limited wherein you can’t even change your own background wallpaper without using a hack. Chrome OS has a much faster, more responsive that can do multiple operations with ease.

Now, you decide if the Chromebook is the one for you…

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