10 reasons to give your kid a Chromebook


Chromebooks show a lot of potential, and in fact many are saying that it’s not only for business, but also for your kid ‘O’. Why? Here are the 10 reasons to give your kid a Chromebook!

1. It’s Blazing Fast! Your kid will love its performance with a boot time of just 8 seconds. If the Chromebook is sleeping, it will start back up instantly. You’ll be back working or playing in no time! Promising right?

2. It’s quite cheap, portable, and has no moving parts. It may be not as cheap as some netbooks, but it’s a lot cheaper than notebook counterparts. A Chromebook can be yours for $399.99 (Wi-Fi only version from Acer), but we expect these prices to drop drastically as more hardware makers get on board.

3. Chromebooks don’t have any moving parts for it employs an SSD hard drive, which is flash-based, meaning you don’t have to worry about minor bumps, and you can just slide into your bag like a usual gadget.

4. Much Reliable – no need to screw it up, and it won’t crash as much as a PC, or Macs. It’s lightweight tooand since it runs on Google’s Chrome OS. Your kids will love it and will easily learn to get a hang of it, as it doesn’t have too many settings you can fiddle around with, and the file system is pretty much hands-off.

5. Never worry about updates again.
Chromebooks are capable of constantly monitoring and installing updates in the background. It’s just like a web browser as advertised.

6. Less Maintenance Cost – Compared to PCs, Macs and netbooks, Chromebooks will save you a good deal of money. Maintenance is not required really, but of course it needs proper handling and care. Your Chromebook will get faster without you having to do anything.

7. Applications & Multimedia – A perfect all arounder device. It can be used as your multimedia server and with its powerful OS. Managing applications won’t be a problem. It’s easy and as smooth as a breeze. What’s more is that it has all your needed apps. For kids, it comes with pre-installed games like Angry Birds and more HTML 5 apps will go online, and will have many of same the features as native apps that reside on your computer have today.

8. 3G/WiFi Capable – Most kids are kind of internet savvy and want a 3G capable device. Yes, Chromebooks are 3G compliant and it will allow you to access the web on the go! It comes with 100 MB of data per month on Verizon (for two years, at that), which should be enough for light emailing on the go when you’re out of Wi-Fi range. There is a WiFi version too and if you plan on being out of Wi-Fi range more frequently, you can buy data packages for your Chromebook. You can get 1GB of data for $20.00/month, 3GB of data for $35.00/month, and 5GB of data for $50.00/month.

9. Lots Of Accessories – kids love accessories, and there are lots of accessories that work with Chromebooks, and battery life (6 to 8.5 hours) is great. Chromebooks have USB 2.0 ports and a 4-in-1 memory card reader to load up pictures you’ve taken from your digital camera.

10. The Cloud – Because everything on your Chromebook is stored in the cloud, you don’t have to worry if you lose your Chromebook, or it you drop it, or it gets stolen, All your files will be secured and accessible on the fly, all you got to do is get a new Chromebook.

  1. Vinay says

    No matter, Chrome book is going to be the best choice for students because of its in built abilities, light weight, speed, and flexibility. Can you tell me when Chrome book is going to launch ?

  2. agnelmoses says

    Surely this will be very useful to the students.It will enable the students to expand their knowledge.According to me,this is a welcome move…

  3. Beni says

    From my point of view the best reason the cloud. You don’t have to install/uninstall/update check for drivers and other complicated actions. You just buy a piece of hardware with the preinstalled software and from here everything is on the cloud. Yes, Chrombook is a good solution for kids.

  4. Nikhil says

    the Google’s chromebook.. is really affordable, it fits the every day use of every student and even a teenager as web is the most time we spend on..
    and the Chrome os is also very cool to look at and very user friendly, and definitly boots faster than any other os…. but i really wonder id by dad’s going to buy me one

  5. indu says

    chrome book is one of the leading bookshelf now for students. compare to other one it is very low cost maintenance and very reliable, and very potential .it is now very useful to the employees who can now upgrade knowledge. well am waiting for the chrome books for my studies…its good to know like this.

  6. Avinash says

    Ya great article chrome book is the future and very fast,it will be going to create a huge revolution.It will defenitely help students very very much.Due to its less maintanance cost it will be the future for sure,great article.

  7. rifadh says

    it nice to hear about chromebook.it is a kind of new thought

  8. abdurahaman says

    yes i can do everything on web. most people are depending internet because their business and online jobs. all activities are available in internet

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