Google Glass or Chromebook Pixel: What would you purchase?


While the Google Glass project is yet to surface commercially, we already know that it will cost relatively the same as the Google Pixel, in the $1500 range. In a sense, comparing the two technologies is a bit far-fetched, as they address different segments of the market and ultimately, two different manners of interacting with digital content. But, our question is quite simple: If you had to choose between going for the Chromebook pixel right now or waiting for the commercial Google Glass eye-glasses, what would you pick?

To answer that let’s first see what each product offers consumers. You can read our in-depth review and tech spec materials on the Google Pixel but there are a few things to add here, for the sake of clarity and for making the point come across more clearly.

Chromebook Pixel

Chromebook Pixel
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The laptop is, as we put it, is a paradigm shift in the way the Chrome hardware is or was perceived up until now – simple, cheap and not too powerful. But, the Chromebook Pixel has a chance to demolish this myth, this general perception, bringing the Chrome laptop line into a better position to battle with Apple’s expensive MacBook air products.

However, what Apple has as an advantage at the moment is a more mature operating system which is used prodigiously by a lot of content creators, some of which wouldn’t dream of changing to another type of productivity environment. So, a hardware enthusiast that is always looking to experience the latest and the best in consumer computing might have to say no to the Chromebook pixel, simply because there are more mature options, hardware and software that are offered by Apple.

Google Glass

Google Glass
Google Glass

Now, we did say that the Chromebook pixel is a paradigm shift in the way the Chromebook laptops are perceived, but how about a paradigm shift in the way we compute, in the way we envision interacting with software or hardware? Yes, the Goggle Glass is much more world shattering than C.P. could ever be, since it offers a completely different computing experience from the get go, something that no one has ever produced so far.

So what is Google Glass and why should you care for it?

Google glass is an android based computing system that displays its information on top of a set of glasses, “glazing” your real environment with an HUD of information. That could mean anything from offering you real time directions to a geographical location, to offering you auditory input, to “serving” you commercials as you pass by certain locations.

Also, the glasses will allow you to snap pictures or to film as you go and most interactions will be possible by voice command. Sci-Fi indeed, but within grasp. Google already offers preorders for the glasses and they plan a wide spread commercial release a the end of this year – 2013.

So, again, if you had a netbook and money to spend, would you go for the Pixel or would you wait or pre-order your Google Glasses right away?

It’s hard to say for sure, but for someone interested in cutting edge high tech, the response is certainly tilting towards the glasses.

But we want to know what you think; do you feel that the glasses will prove to be just a gimmicky product for tech nerds and for those that would go for the latest technology no matter what, or do you think they will catch on extensively?

Let me back up and reformulate: if you had $1500 to burn would you purchase the Chromebook Pixel or preorder the Google Glasses? Let us know in the comments section as this is bound to be interesting!

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