HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook review

HP Pavilion Chromebook
HP Pavilion Chromebook

We already took a close inspection of the tech specs of the HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook. So, for a start, take a look there to get acquainted with the specifications of this machine. What we need to point out is that at $329 this is not one of the cheapest entries but neither one of the more expensive ones. That extra of $100 compared to the 11 inchers such as the Acer C7 or the Samsung ARM Chromebooks is mainly in the 14 inch real estate of the screen.

While the price would have been fair even if the quality of the display would have been similar, the HP Pavilion manages to impress with a high quality LED display. Sure, it sports a somewhat so-so resolution at 1366×768, but, ultimately, that is the best solution. A higher resolution display would have meant more power drawn and possibly a better graphics chip. Which, ultimately, would have meant a higher cost of production.

But, as it is now, it’s the best position to be in, a good resolution, good power consumption, and above all, good rendering of text, color content and video.

Next up, in terms of connectivity you’re bound to be satisfied, since the Pavilion is capable of connecting to wireless networks, to classic networks as well as transfer data packages via Bluetooth. Thus, you’re never stocked for options and you can keep your data circulating easily and without issues.

Here’s what the Chromebook actually is: a Windows model, entry level/business netbook slightly modified to operate chrome and to tap into this respective market niche. But it is not the only one to take this road, and, ultimately, it comes down to satisfying a certain niche of consumers.

On the other side, the 16 GB SSD can be a little stifling, especially for those working with large quantities of local data. But, for those that use the Google Drive repository it really is of no concern.

Here’s a point of contention we had with the machine which is quite a deal breaker, especially for those that truly want a machine that will be self sufficient battery wise. While the specifications say that you could get up to 7 hours of continuous on time with one charge, the reality is that if you don’t use the lightest of programs and apps and if you don’t turn off the wireless that is going to turn into no more than a few hours.

If you also use the higher luminosity for the screen than 2, 3 hours of usage can be the most you get out of one sitting. But, ultimately, you could get up to 8 hours but only if you edit documents use other very low power applications. And keep the brightness levels to its lowest. However, the 14 incher fairs within the limits of its competition, but a 6 cell battery could have really put it into a better power duration position.

At any rate, our conclusion is simple: the laptop/netbook is a good all around Chromebook, with a better than average screen and otherwise with regular specs. You will want it if you are regularly using 2 applications at one time, due to the increase in the screen size. So, if 10/11 inches is too stifling, the 14 inches of this machine will truly make a difference.

As always, let us know what you think, would you purchase such a device, would you replace any of your laptops/netbooks with this 14 incher? Your comments are always welcome, so let us know.



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