Pre-Order Samsung and Acer Chromebooks Now at Best Buy and Amazon


Google has confirmed that the Samsung and Acer Chromebooks are now available to pre-order at Best Buy and Amazon. The confirmation came the company themselves, via their Tweet yesterday. While Amazon has lots of Chromebooks stocks available for preorder, Best Buy is listing their Chromebooks on their Web site as “coming soon” and does not allow the users to order them online.

Google pulled the wraps of the line of Chromebooks from Acer and Samsung a month ago at the company’s I/O conference. And these devices run Google’s Chrome OS. Moreover, they both feature Wi-Fi connectivity, displays less than 12.1 inches, and an optional 3G connectivity. Amazon is selling Samsung and Acer Chromebooks at around $379.99 – $499.99, depending on the model.

CNET’s Joshua Goldman shared his experience with the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook. According to him, the device was a “good-looking, affordable laptop,” but not happy with some of its features like not being able to work while offline, the display is quite bright, and also noted that on off angles, it doesn’t hold up as well as it could.

Same with CNET’s Seth Rosenblatt’s hands on review who said that its Chrome OS was held back by its lack of offline support, and it lacks the  3G connectivity support around the U.S.

“For now,” Rosenblatt wrote about Google’s operating system, “Chrome OS is an interesting concept that is at best, before its time.”

Google said that they’ll be rolling out both devices on June 15th. This only means that consumers will be able to make their own determination next week.

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