Samsung’s Chromebook Costs $334 To Build


According to a recent published report from IHS iSuppli, the Samsung’s Chromebook that is set to launch this week is calculated to cost a bashful of $334.32.

Here are some of the component prices calculated by IHS iSuppli:

  • Motherboard: $86.37
  • 12.1-inch LCD: $58
  • Battery: $48
  • 3G module: $42
  • SSD storage: $28

According to Wayne Lam, senior analyst of IHS iSuppli: “The Samsung Series 5 Chromebook is every bit a full-sized notebook PC—just don’t call it that.”

The Samsung’s Chromebook will retail for $500, so i guess it’s just right considering that its components costs is totalled just over a hundred bucks. Plus, consider its exclusivity as it will be the brand’s first ever Personal Computer to run Google’s new, fully-featured Operating System.

I guess what makes this Samsung’s Chromebook affordable is that the company doesn’t have to worry for chartering fees to Microsoft for a use of Windows, since it will run Google’s OS.

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