Chromebook’s hardware – The pros and cons


There are heated discussions happening between computer experts about  chromebook’s operating system and its role in enhancing  personal computing. However, it seems like most of the experts  who discuss day in and day out about the software of the chromebook are not really  bothered about the hardware.                                                                                                                     Let us know what chromebook hardware consists of and discuss the pros and cons accordingly. As a test case, let us analyze the new Samsung chromebook series 5 .


The Samsung chromebook is very light weight; it weighs only 1.5 Kg’s, which is half the weight of an average laptop in the market.  The thickness of the Samsung chromebook is only 19.9 mm, which is the average thickness of any college notebook.  The Samsung chromebook has a 12 inch screen which is anti reflective, however, one should remember that these specifications are completely up to the manufacturer of the chromebook and has nothing to do with the operating system.                                                                                           Samsung chromebook’s screen is 40% brighter and has a battery life of up to 8.5 hours, which is fantastic.


It has been widely rumored that the batteries of the chromebooks, irrespective of the manufacturer, cannot be replaced when they become faulty. This means that it can only be replaced by the manufacturer, this is very bad as the user have to spend too much time to repair the batteries, if in case it becomes faulty. Chromebook’s will not have an actual hard drive where the user can store the data. Instead, chrome books will support SD cards through which the user can store the data. This is disastrous because most of the SD cards become corrupt in no time and there is a good chance of the user loosing valuable data.                                                                                           Chromebook will only have one USB slot (may be they will increase it in the future), which is not really good too.  The worst part is that no chromebook manufacturer has come up with a detailed description of  the hardware components of a chromebook, which creates doubts about the stability of the hardware in the long run.                                                                                                        So, it is the duty of all the manufacturers out there to let people know about the hardware components, their advantages and other things before launching them to the market. If not, there is a good chance of people avoiding the chromebook during the initial launch.

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