How to make Chromebook faster


Make Chromebook faster

The latest Chromebooks by Samsung and Acer (Sony too?) are a must have. These new lightweight and extremely portable PC’s are great to use. They are equipped with the latest built in security, which eliminates the need of anti-virus installation. With these fairly new gadgets, you are just a click away from the cloud- computing world of applications. Chromebook speed is very fast.

Chromebooks work on the latest Google Chrome operating system and are especially designed for people who need computing to serve as a service rather than a product. Although the Chromebook speed is fast, there are some tips on how you make Chromebook faster. Today I will share a few tips how to make the best utilization of your Chromebook speed and make Chromebook faster. Since Chromebooks are based on the Chrome browser, you can use these tips to speed up your Chrome browser too!

Firstly, to aid in Chromebook speed, ensure that too many tabs are not open. Although you have the option to open dozens of tabs, you can make Chromebook faster if you minimize the tabs in number. Memory has limitations. When too much is going on, the system gets exhaustive and is bound to slow down a little. Therefore, close some tabs or open them in a new window to make Chromebook faster.

There is also another method that you should follow to help your Chromebook speed give its best performance. Make it a practice to press Shift-Esc once a while. This opens up a list of all the processes that are running on your Chromebook. You can then kill the processes that are using too much memory. When your memory is less over loaded, this will make Chromebook faster.

Another way to improve Chromebook speed is to disable all the experimental flags. This will help some of you to make Chromebook faster. Although these flags do not take much memory, you can aid in processing by disabling them.

Next tip is to remove extensions that are unused. To do this, go to extensions or you can simply right click on them to remove them. There are some extensions that need a bit of power and can’t be removed but try removing the ones that you can see are unused. This will make Chromebook faster. Remember your Chromebook speed will be better if there’s less going on.

Use a simple theme on your Chromebook to also help with its speed. This in return will also make Chromebook faster. Once you are satisfied with Chromebook speed, you can occasionally switch themes on and off according to how fast your Chromebook is performing.

Another great tip is to clear the cache. Many people are unaware but clearing the cache is like tidying up your browser. This contains old records that need to be deleted. Once you clear the cache, you can make your Chromebook faster. You can also keep only one flash running to aid in Chromebook speed. Try these tips yourself to see how it affects your Chromebook speed, you will be surprised!

If you have more tips on how to make your Chromebook more efficient, please share them in the comments below!


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    how can I make my chromebook faster ?

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