iPad, Chromebook, or Ultrabook – Which one to buy?


Looking to buy a Chromebook, Ultrabook or an iPad? With the new age of technology, dawns a wide variety of gadgets with high tech features that make people’s lives easier and more comfortable. The evolution of computers has been fast and amazing, making extraordinary things seem more and more tangible and achievable.

There are so many computers available in the market today, but choosing a computer is not like choosing what clothes to wear for the day. It is not something which you can wear this time and take off when you do not want to wear it anymore. Choosing a computer should be properly planned. You should choose a computer that suits your lifestyle and the demands of your work.

The iPad2 is for people who have an active lifestyle where portability is of the utmost importance.  One of the latest releases in the market is the Apple iPad 2. So if you are person on the go and want easy access to pretty much any app or store that might have what you are looking for you will definitely want to stick to the iPad.  The iPad 2 features two cameras for Face Time and HD video recording. It also has a dual core iPad chip, which allows you to do twice the work at the same time. It also features iOS; the world’s most advanced operating system. You can do a lot of things with the iPad with just a simple touch on the screen. It is also thin, light, and comes in a tablet form, which makes it easy for you to carry it everywhere you go. By the way, Apple has the largest marketplace for apps, although Android is catching up quickly.

If your lifestyle is not as demanding and you are not a person who needs everything here and now, but you still like to have the high quality good stuff then the Ultrabook might be more your style.  The Ultrabook is right in the middle.  It is lightweight, portable, has a real keyboard, and has MS Windows.  The Ultrabook is a mobile laptop that includes processing capability and features that would normally only be found on larger laptops and desktops. Its size (11.1” – 13”) enables ease of portability. It features Rapid Start (which enables it to resume from hibernate within 7 seconds), Smart Connect (which gives alerts and notifications), long lasting battery life, and mainstream processing performance.

For those that are always looking toward the future there is something for you too. Chromebooks are for people who need their files stored in the cloud, which is perfect if you are always on the go because you will always have the latest updated file right at your fingertips.  Chromebooks are designed to get better automatic updates such as updates in offline apps. The chromebook is fast. It boots in 8 seconds and resumes instantly. Chromebooks also use prerendering technology to load websites faster. The chromebook makes it easy for you to visit your bookmarked sites and apps and it keeps your apps up-to-date by automatically updating them once you turn it on. Chromebooks also do not require anti-virus installation anymore. The chromebook technology uses the principle of “defense in depth” to provide multiple layers of protection, including sandboxing, data encryption, and verified boot. You can also avail yourselves of thousands of apps in your chromebook and chromebooks make it easier for you to connect to the internet with its built-in Wi-Fi and 3G features.

So what lifestyle do you have?  Which of these fit your life needs the best:  iPad, Ultrapad, or Chromebook? Which one should you choose? Well, choose the one, which you find most convenient for your day-to-day activities. Buy the one that suits your needs and would be most convenient to your unique lifestyle.

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  1. Steve S. says

    Nice article. Good to see posts that understand different people need different features in their technology. Regardless of what Apple’s exceptional marking department may want us to think, we don’t all need an iPad. Some of us want a keyboard. Some of us want an ultra-portable.

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