The Unusual Samsung 5 550 Chromebook review


If you’re looking to buy a Samsung 5 550 Chromebook, wait till you’ve read this review. Are you aware of an alternative to traditional laptops and notebooks that offers greater memory, faster start up time and fewer annoyances? Well, the new Samsung 5 550 Chromebook now offers you all this and more. In a minute you’ll discover how…

Samsung 5 550 Chromebook
Samsung 5 550 Chromebook

Since arriving on the scene in 2011, Google Chromebook has certainly gained some significant attention. Providing tremendous start up speeds and access to an incredible amount of memory space, the Chromebook has come under fire from some critics for two basic reasons, the location of memory space which is outside the unit itself and the overall price. Let’s see if Samsung 5 550 Chromebook deals with this criticism.

The latest version, the Samsung series 5 550 is offering new features that hopes to win over some of the critics and consumers looking for an alternative to traditional laptops and notebooks. With an average price of around $500 which includes Wi-Fi, the Samsung series 5 550 Chromebook is seeking a second look to fill an important niche in the market.

Put simply, the Chromebook is a laptop where the memory storage space is located on cloud-based servers rather than inside the unit itself. This means that the Chromebook only contains the RAM memory, hard connections, Wi-Fi, screen and keyboard which is comparable to the “Ultrabooks” or MacBook Air, but is generally less expensive. The memory can be up to a 100GB or more depending on what is purchased.

Here are the advantages of Chromebook Samsung 5 550 model which is currently being offered over traditional laptops and notebooks.

Speed: Generally speaking, the more you have on your computer, the longer it takes to fire up. However, since the Samsung 5 550 does not have any storage memory inside, the average time for this computer to go from off to fully on a ready in around 7 seconds. The new Series 5 can start up in a mere 5 seconds.  Now you can open the Chromebook up and get going faster than any laptop or notebook.

Updates: Having your computer in need of updates can be annoying and have you waste time. However, as with all Chromebooks, the Samsung series 5 550 Chromebook updates are all handled on the servers, not on your Chromebook. This means you’ll get the latest updates without wasting any of your time.

Backup: Did you lose your laptop? Perhaps you accidentally ran over your notebook? In any case, good luck with retrieving your important documents, files, and images from what was your computer. But since the Chromebook storage is held in cloud-based servers, no matter what happens you’ll still have access to your documents.

Of course, not everything about the Samsung 5 550 Chromebook is perfect and there are a couple of features that some may not find attractive.

Outside Memory Storage: Although the memory storage on the cloud-based servers at Google is safe and secure, there are some that like the comfort of knowing that their information is kept safely inside their computer.

Price: The Samsung series 5 550 Chromebook is currently priced at around $500. Even with all the great services and convenience it carries, it still seems high to many.

When all things are considered, the Samsung series 5 550 Chromebook does display advantages that outweigh the concerns and provides a valuable alternative to traditional notebooks and laptops. Particularly for those who want faster speed to access the social network, greater memory and free of the many annoyances that traditional laptops and notebooks have.

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