Google Chromebook announced!


On May 11th at the I/O conference Google made it official that they will be launching a new type of product: Chromebook.


What is a Chromebook?

Google Chromebook is not your average notebook. Chromebooks operate online. This is a notebook that is built around the idea that we can do an increasing number of things online, whether it is connecting with friends, using a word processor. A Chromebook is a computer without a desktop. The only thing you will see is a Google Chrome browser. From within Chrome you can use the internet or the many apps that are available from the Chrome Web Store.

Chromebooks will be launched on June 15th. The first models are made by Acer and Samsung. They will be fast, with a promised start up time of just 8 seconds!


What do YOU think of Google Chromebook?

I’d love to read your comments (and I read each and every one of them!).

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